Save & Destroy

My piece for the Save & Destroy Art Show, opening today in Grenada, Spain. Good times! Gallery photo byJavier Jiménez.

Estación Diseño
c/ Benjamin Franklin, 1
C.P. 18100 – Armilla (Granada, Spain)


Save & Destroy

Anybody gonna be in Spain in March? If yes you gotta check out the Save & Destroy Art Show in Grenada - an exhibition with a Kaiju and Tokusatsu theme. I was asked to be a part of it a while back and was more than happy to participate. Good times! Check out this event poster by Javier Jiménez and check back here on the 5th for my piece.


What If?

I did this alternate reality version of Marilyn Monroe for the upcoming “WHAT IF?” show at Nucleus Art Gallery down in CA next weekend. If you're in the area, definitely go check it out. There's a ton of great artists participating so it's sure to be an amazing exhibition.

December 10, 2011 – January 2, 2011

Nucleus Art Gallery
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA
Opening Reception: Saturday December 10, 2011 (7 pm – 11 pm)

Nucleus has invited animators from various studios to tackle the question, “What If...?” These clever and small-sized works come from a roster of more than 40 talents working at studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Sony, LAIKA, and Blue Sky. What if the moon were made of cheese? What if money really did grow on trees? What if it actually rained cats and dogs? What if you and your friends came to this event? You’d likely all have a really fun time!


Future Retro Weezer

Once in a while I design merchandise for the rock band Weezer. They recently called on me to design a 'future retro' style poster, and here's what I came up with. I think you can buy it at their shows and here at their store. Originally there was a girl standing behind him but we decided it was too crowded. Maybe I'll post that alternate version later.


Van Coco in New York

Hey cool news. My Conan O'Brien 'Van Coco' painting earned a spot on the wall at the 'New York Museum of Conan Art' while Conan O'Brien takes his show on the road to the Big Apple. Check it out here and if you're in NY, stop by the museum and get a picture of my painting for me. Seriously, please get me a good pic of it and email it to me as I can't make it to New York!

UPDATE! So apparently Conan and Andy recorded an accompanying audio track for my piece. Fun! I gotta track it down and listen hehe. Here's some more pics from the gallery courtesy of the very thoughtful Stephanie Brooke Chavez.

UPDATE 2!! Hear the 'Van Coco' audio commentary by Conan and Andy here!


Day & Night Inc. Story

Here's a piece I did for Pixar Times. Drop by for a visit and read a quick interview with me.. if you need something to put you to sleep!

Smoked Fish

...spotted outside the Queens Library in Briarwood, New York...