Tis The Season

Buckshot Billy Wylde and his trusty steed-on-a-stick Buckaroo would like to wish y'all a rootin' tootin' good Christmas! And dagnabbit I reckon I will too! Have a great holiday!



A cowboy needs a horse... Here's a few stabs at Buckshot Billy's trusty sidekick Buckaroo - a talking horse on a stick. Kinda creepy I know. Anyway, I have about 4-5 pages full of these sugar rush induced sketches and only a few that I would dare share with ya'll. These are them. I like bits n' pieces of a few of these. Guess we'll see how he ends up in Flash...


Test Flight

Click birdie to see birdie fly!! Here's a quick animation test. I think it's a little overanimated for what I'm trying to go for with 'Big City Birds'. The animation would most likely end up a lot more limited than this in the end (think UPA). Still, cool to see little Finchy finally fly!


You'll be dead!

Here's somethin me and my good buddy and Big City Cartoons bidness partner Jeff came up with. Yeah, we like the Star Wars! This is the poster version of the title card for the season 2 premiere of Betty.


mmmm... tastes like chicken

I posted this a while back at the Atomic blog but thought it should have a home at the hive too. It's a springboard setup from the 'Big City Birds' pitch pack.


mmmm.... cerrrrreal....

Don't you wish cereal boxes looked like they used to? Come on Kelloggs, Post, General Mills - please be cool again! Anyway, here's little Buckshot Billy Wylde of the in development Big City Cartoon "Wylde West" serving as a mascot for the mock Post (please don't sue me) cereal "Cowboy Crispies". Built and coloured in Flash, then aged in Photoshop. Yee-Haw!!!!!!
01/18/06 edit - revised aging to look more like a box, adjusted contrast.


Buckshot Billy

Crazy busy right now, but I'm gonna do a series of mock product packages and ads with this little guy for the next couple of posts... like the ones from the 50s and 60s. He's also the main character of a western toon now in development.



Okay this one became a lot more than what I intended it to be (a silly sketch), but I'm TOTALLY diggin these PS brushes! I wanted to really push it this time and make it look as painterly as possible. Note the scratched up helmet. This duck's been through a lot to get to wherever he is. Maybe I'll add a rocket and a BG tomorrow... or the next day...


Soda Pop and Ritalin

This card's from our Valentine's episode - updated with some textures. It's cool to be able to do title cards for this show. It's my favorite part of the whole process. Except when I get to choreograph CG dog fights. That rules.


Saturday Post

Another AB card. Again based on an awesome ruff by Rob. Yeah the title of the show's kinda 'huh??' but whaddya gonna do?



Here's a couple of cutesy characters I spent way too much time on tonight. They're not for anything - just wanted to experiment with different ps brushes and techniques. I shoulda pushed it more and made the textures a little more evident. Oh well. Next time!

Teacher Teacher

Takin' a break from the title cards to post some character stuff. This one's based on a teacher I had in junior high. I abandoned the one on the left, but looking at it again now I kinda like it. Things always look better on the computer.


Luck Sucker

Another card from Betty. This one's from an upcoming season 2 episode where an otherwise unlucky villain sucks good luck outta people with his luck sucker spaceship. It's a good one! Scott Thompson does the voice for the bad guy, Jinx.


Atomic Betty Title Cards

I think I'll start posting some Atomic Betty title cards done by myself and other artists whom I'll credit. They need to be seen and appreciated! I'll Start with this one here by some hack named Ridd (based on a great rough by Rob Davies).



Hmmmm decisions decisions. Which one?

Home Sweet Home

Here's a page from the 'Big City Birds' pitch pack.


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