Yeti in the flesh...er...fur?

Got my Yeti in the mail yesterday. So rad. I can't believe how accurate and on model this sculpt and paint is. If you're a collector of these kinda things, try to find one. The pictures don't so it justice. Check out the previous Yeti posts for the progress of this bad boy.


Skate or Die!

Here's another Gama-Go design I did recently. Eventually it turned into this 80s inspired tee. Cool beans!


Big. Vinyl. Yeti.

a couple weeks back I posted about a big vinyl Yeti I had a hand in designing. Well it's available for pre-order now at gama-go. Check it out! Pretty darn righteous!


Change We Can Believe In!

Here's a piece I submitted for the latest and apparently last 'Deighton's After Dark' show. The theme was robots. I had it printed up all professional like on 24'x28' canvas. I think it's still for sale if anyone out there's interested.


Giant Yeti Sighting

Now this was cool. A while back Gama-Go asked me to help design a vinyl version of Tim Biskup's staple Gama-Go Yeti character. Being as that's one of my favorite characters EVER, it wasn't the kind of offer to say no to. So I enthusiastically sketched up this here turnaround and off he went into production. I've seen the finished prototype and let me tell you, it's stinkin' AMAZING... and BIG too! You can read more about the vinyl Yeti's development at Vinyl Pulse.



Here's some more concept sketches for gama-go. These ones were rejected so I'm posting em!


I've been doing some freelance design work for my favorite online store gama-go, and they've finally got some of my tees up, so I thought I'd post em. This one is a sketch I did based on a funny idea they gave me, followed by the finished cleaned-up version now for sale on their site. Lots more to come!


Big n' Tall

This T-Rex must find it hard to shop for clothes. Maybe that's why he's nekkid.