Hairdos & Don'ts

I signed on to do another 21 Cap Famingo title cards for the second season. Now all I need to do is FIND THE TIME. Anyhoo, here's the latest (from a wicked rough by Rob Davies).



Here's a location design I did a while back for a client who was developing a series about some teenagers that have their own cable TV show. Their 'set' is inside a trailer. I kind of forgot about this one but just found it. Needs some colour changes...



So what do you do when you need a couple of super stylin' retro vibin' badass automobiles for your show? Well, if you're lucky enough to have the skills of one of the best prop and BG designers in the biz at your disposal, you get him on it! Big thanks to animation old-timer Trevor Bentley for these wicked sketches... and look! He did 'em up in good old fashioned pencil [pen-suhl] too! How about that?


Big City Blocks or Lines?

Hey there. This here's another layout/setup for the Birds promo, the Big City Harbour. It's not totally finished yet, but I wanted to get all of you talented bloggers to weigh in on the city before I go further. My gut tells me to go with the block skyline (bottom) because of the higher contrast and the fact that the characters will show up better against it when animated, BUUUUT I really like the look of the transparent skyline too, and it is more 'on style' with the show. What do you folks think? Let me have it!

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback! Here's the final BG:


Location, Location, Location

Still super busy designing stuff for the promo, but thought I'd take a moment to share. This is inside Finch's attic home in Big City. Maggie has just paid a surprise visit and grumpy Finch doesn't look too happy about it!