BLOOPS! Part VII - Final Box Design & Color

Well, I played with the colors on this thing for quite a long time before settling on a very fruity combo. By the way, if the colours are burning your eyes a little it's because I haven't adjusted the saturation and contrast yet. I want to print it out first to see what needs to be bumped up or down. The 'Kelloggs' logo will need to be replaced with something else, and the submarine still needs to be added, but I think this is it for now. At least for tonight anyway. Knowing me I'll tinker around with it a little more before really calling it final... Plus, I need to get Chris to have a look at it and get his thoughts. I really, really want to 'age' this like I've done with the other boxes but It wouldn't make sense to since in the film it'll be a brand new box of cereal. Alright that's it for BLOOPS! When the final box is complete I'll make sure to post it here.

BLOOPS! Part VI - Character Color

Normally I'd do the cleanup on the little submarine now, but I want to talk to Chris before I do. Instead of a drawing, it might be cool to have a real picture of the sub he's going to use in the film. Maybe a CG model or something... So, I moved on to color for Cap'n Bloop. I wanted to give his head the painterly look so I broke out the brushes and guache! Not really. It's all Photoshop. I didn't paint his body though because I wanted to make it look like he's got a 'real' cereal head with a cartoon body. I may tweek him a little more still, but final box design is next...