Weird Science

Hope you all aren't getting too sick of these things, but it's all I'm really doing these days! Maybe I should rename this blog the 'Captain Flamingo Title Card Archive'?


Batter Up!

Here's another pair of Captain Flamingo title cards. I thought I came up with this wicked awesome idea of using bugs for the negative space in the 'Bug Out' letters, and I was pretty happy with the result. Then I saw Pixar's 'A Bug's Life' logo and realized I totally ripped them off! Hopefully Disney won't sue me!


Character Design Interview & TC

HELLO FELLOW BLOGGERS! Randall Sly interviewed me a while back for his most excellent Character Design Blog. After getting over my initial shock and bewilderment caused by why he chose me to interview, I was more than happy to participate. Check it all out here. Big thanks to Randall for creating such a wicked awesome blog, and for choosing me to be included in the amazing pool of talent he's interviewed there so far.
Also, because nobody likes words without pictures, here's another title card for Captain Flamingo. This one's all nice and evil looking! I must've been angry when I coloured it up. More to come.