Turn Around Bright Eyes

More 'Big City Birds' MDP designs done on the weekend when I shoulda been relaxing. They're by no means technical turnarounds, so don't examine them too closely!


Big City Boat

Okay so we're finally starting production on a 3-minute animated promo for 'Big City Birds'. The storyboard and animatic are done and I've begun designing some new locations and props, such as this one here. One of the transitions between scenes is going to be a 'boat wipe', so I had to design a boat. Since it's only going to be on screen for like 2 secs max, I really should have kept it more simple, but no... as usual I got a little carried away and spent way too much time on it. Anyway. no harm done. I'm sure it'll be reused again in a few BGs (and hey- maybe even some other shows!). Here she is!


Witty Title

Just shaking things up a little and posting a Captain Flamingo title card for a change!