Van Coco

These are submissions for teamcoco.com/art/ where fans of Conan can have a chance at getting their art on the show as bumpers.



Working out the design for a show idea I have about a little boy with a pet Kaiju. Long or short hair??


Girl Roughs

Some sketches from that same project.


Here's a rather Blair-ish little girl I designed for a development job I did recently. I think they're going to go in a different direction, but I still kinda like her look.

Red Dragon

Concept art


Friday Monster

Friday morning warm up! Why's he so darn mad? It's the Friday before a long weekend!


What I'm Doing

Since November I've been the Art Director for Hasbro's upcoming 'My Little Pony' reboot, and they've finally released some designs from the series (left). The show looks amazing thanks to Powerpuff Girls/Foster's Home/Milky Way & the Galaxy Girls all-star Lauren Faust, who is one of the series' producers and head creative. It's been amazing working with Lauren and working on this show.



Here's the first page from my FTF book. I REALLY want to get rolling on more pages but my 'real' jobs are preventing it from happening. Need... more... free... time!


Shark Week!

Does the fish get devoured or does the fish get away? Does the fish actually know the Hammerhead is on his tail? Choose your own adventure! Ran outta time to properly color this one up so I cheated a little with textures and stuff.


Wacky Food Gang

Here are some roughs for a recent freelance project I completed. I wanted to do the characters in a 70s wacky kid's food packaging kinda style. Color next!


More Freddy Pages

Happy Sunday! Here are a couple of more pages from my Freddy the Firekid book - one work in progress and the other a final color version of an earlier post. I know these pages are a bit of a downer so I promise to post more uplifting ones soon!


An Apple a Day

Just messing around here with a pretty incredible program I discovered called ArtRage Studio Pro. It's like Alias Sketchbook with a paintbrush. Highly recommended!



Roughin' It

Here's another rough for the Freddy book. I don't think I've had this much fun drawing in years. I highly recommend doing it for yourself as much as you can.
Also, I discovered an amazing artist today many of you probably already know. Head on over to Pixar Story Artist Josh Cooley's blog to see some sweet Inappropriate Golden Book goodness (among other brilliant things).


Freddy the Firekid Book

Finally doing my 'Freddy the Firekid' book and having a blast! Doing it myself means no Standards and Practices notes (they despise fire), and tight schedules that make you rush everything. Loving it! Here are a couple of pages in progress.


Permanent Migration

Inspired by the BP oil spill and the devastation it's inflicting on wildlife. Will probably give this the old digital paint treatment at some point.


Crane Kick!

WHY are they remaking this perfect movie??

Angel of DeathBot

It's been a while now since I did anything for the supercool guys at Gama Go, but here's a little concept piece I did for 'em back in the day using Biskup's awesome DeathBot character.


Basketball Jonze

It really has been a loooooong time. A lot has happened since I last posted here. Started a new gig as Art director on the My Little Pony series reboot (headed up by the amazing Lauren Faust!), released a couple of records, and moved most of my artwork over to deviantArt.com. They have a real slick artist friendly site so I got on the bandwagon. Tons of amazing talent and inspiration over there too. Check it out!
I'll definitely keep the beehive going though for those of you that are checking in. I see I have a lot of cleaning up to do - looks like a ton of my stuff is missing or has broken links! Sucks to be me! Anyway here's a couple things I just did for fun. I've been foolin around with a new kinda style. Let me know what you think!