Return of the Title Cards!

This card's obviously a bit of a Star Wars tribute I did based on a great sketch idea by Olaf Miller. I wish I woulda posed Lizbeth clinging onto Captain Flamingo's leg...


Hairdos & Don'ts

I signed on to do another 21 Cap Famingo title cards for the second season. Now all I need to do is FIND THE TIME. Anyhoo, here's the latest (from a wicked rough by Rob Davies).



Here's a location design I did a while back for a client who was developing a series about some teenagers that have their own cable TV show. Their 'set' is inside a trailer. I kind of forgot about this one but just found it. Needs some colour changes...



So what do you do when you need a couple of super stylin' retro vibin' badass automobiles for your show? Well, if you're lucky enough to have the skills of one of the best prop and BG designers in the biz at your disposal, you get him on it! Big thanks to animation old-timer Trevor Bentley for these wicked sketches... and look! He did 'em up in good old fashioned pencil [pen-suhl] too! How about that?


Big City Blocks or Lines?

Hey there. This here's another layout/setup for the Birds promo, the Big City Harbour. It's not totally finished yet, but I wanted to get all of you talented bloggers to weigh in on the city before I go further. My gut tells me to go with the block skyline (bottom) because of the higher contrast and the fact that the characters will show up better against it when animated, BUUUUT I really like the look of the transparent skyline too, and it is more 'on style' with the show. What do you folks think? Let me have it!

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback! Here's the final BG:


Location, Location, Location

Still super busy designing stuff for the promo, but thought I'd take a moment to share. This is inside Finch's attic home in Big City. Maggie has just paid a surprise visit and grumpy Finch doesn't look too happy about it!


Turn Around Bright Eyes

More 'Big City Birds' MDP designs done on the weekend when I shoulda been relaxing. They're by no means technical turnarounds, so don't examine them too closely!


Big City Boat

Okay so we're finally starting production on a 3-minute animated promo for 'Big City Birds'. The storyboard and animatic are done and I've begun designing some new locations and props, such as this one here. One of the transitions between scenes is going to be a 'boat wipe', so I had to design a boat. Since it's only going to be on screen for like 2 secs max, I really should have kept it more simple, but no... as usual I got a little carried away and spent way too much time on it. Anyway. no harm done. I'm sure it'll be reused again in a few BGs (and hey- maybe even some other shows!). Here she is!


Witty Title

Just shaking things up a little and posting a Captain Flamingo title card for a change!


Weird Science

Hope you all aren't getting too sick of these things, but it's all I'm really doing these days! Maybe I should rename this blog the 'Captain Flamingo Title Card Archive'?


Batter Up!

Here's another pair of Captain Flamingo title cards. I thought I came up with this wicked awesome idea of using bugs for the negative space in the 'Bug Out' letters, and I was pretty happy with the result. Then I saw Pixar's 'A Bug's Life' logo and realized I totally ripped them off! Hopefully Disney won't sue me!


Character Design Interview & TC

HELLO FELLOW BLOGGERS! Randall Sly interviewed me a while back for his most excellent Character Design Blog. After getting over my initial shock and bewilderment caused by why he chose me to interview, I was more than happy to participate. Check it all out here. Big thanks to Randall for creating such a wicked awesome blog, and for choosing me to be included in the amazing pool of talent he's interviewed there so far.
Also, because nobody likes words without pictures, here's another title card for Captain Flamingo. This one's all nice and evil looking! I must've been angry when I coloured it up. More to come.


Just Looking

This here's another Captain Flamingo title card... a bit of a Rocky & Bullwinkle throwback. One of my favorite cartoons of all time.


Midnight Swagger

This here's for the July 28th 'Shady Characters' show in the Big Apple being put together by Jared Deal. Check out his blog for more info. I would have loved to do something more traditional and painterly-like, but it ended up being a last minute thing because of stupid email problems. Oh well, I guess turned out pretty cool regardless. Now to somehow print, matte, frame and send to Brooklyn for tomorrow! Wish me luck! Oh, and for those of you that notice, the SHAG nod is indeed intentional in this one. Love that guy!


Mr. Roboto

Here's a Captain Flamingo title card for an episode about the wrath of a robot made out of a TV, a garbage can and a lawn mower by Milo's friend Otto. Fun show.


Something Different

Here's a couple t-shirt designs I did for the band Weezer, who I used to do a little work for on the side. I opted to go for a more text-booky technical type feel for these two. They made the dog one and I think the car one is going to be a kid's shirt at some point. I'll post more later. Or not.



Another Atomic Betty title card. Can you guess what I'm homaging? (is that even a word?)



Here's another Flamingo title card. The deadline was rather tight for this one so I didn't have time to brush it all up in Photoshop. Shame. Rob did the rough for this one too.


Payin' the bills

Season 2 of Atomic Betty's wrapping up and I'm doing some Captain Flamingo title cards to stay busy. This one here is done up in Flash and Photoshop, based on a super tight, super wicked rough by Rob Davies. More to come.


Fun with Colours

My Big City partner Jeff did up this great sketch and posted it on his blog. I liked it so much I decided to color it up! Check out his original here. The man can draw!



Since my band's playing the next Cartoonapalooza, I wanted to take a crack at doing the poster. After browsing through my old jazz record cover books for inspiration I came up with this. It's a little crowded, but I like the simplicity of the whole thing. Hopefully it'll print up all nice like. If you're in the area you should definitely come down and check it out. Yeah it's on a Tuesday but hey - you can call in sick Wednesday if you need too. I'll write you a letter.


Ill Communication

I've had the stomach flu for the past couple of days. Don't get too close to your screen.


Creepy Critters

Here's my contribution to the upcoming book 'Cereal Killers' being put together by Von Kreep over at 1313 Midnight Creepshow, wherein a bunch of artists create horrified versions of their favorite cereal box mascots. I chose Linus the Lion from the old Post 'Crispy Critters' boxes of the 60s.


Vote for me!

Shameless I know, but I need the cash! I designed a few shirts for threadless.com. Here's one that got approved for voting. Click the banner in the sidebar to check it out, and if you like it please give me a high score!
update: no win, but thanks for your votes! The 'Bird's Eye View' tee will be back!


The Collector

Here's the title card for the latest Betty episode in the can. The Collector is about an Indiana Jones meets Steve Irwin meets George Costanza type character whose treasure hunts are filmed by a sarcastic robot cameraman. Funny show!


Up and Away!

Look up in the sky! It's Freddy the Firekid climbing his ladder on the way to an emergency! Oh, and speaking of which, check out the Sugar Frosted Goodness blog for a Freddy the Firekid 'draw my character' challenge!


It's due today??

Here's a title card that I totally forgot to do and had to crank out in about 10 minutes. I thought it was gonna end up sucking, but I guess it turned out alright. Sometimes being under the gun can be a good thing.



Here's some more Firekid pitch pack content. Maybe I'll ask Jeff if he wants to animate the run cycle. Busy Jeff? ;)


Big Apple Birds

Here's another Big City Cartoon . This here's a couple pages out of a 15-page pitch pack that we used for the one-sheet. I'll post more of the pack later.

Fightin' Fire

Thanks for all the feedback on this. I'll let you know what happens if anything. I'll post a couple pages from the book once it gets going. You ain't seen the last of this little dude!