Up and Away!

Look up in the sky! It's Freddy the Firekid climbing his ladder on the way to an emergency! Oh, and speaking of which, check out the Sugar Frosted Goodness blog for a Freddy the Firekid 'draw my character' challenge!


It's due today??

Here's a title card that I totally forgot to do and had to crank out in about 10 minutes. I thought it was gonna end up sucking, but I guess it turned out alright. Sometimes being under the gun can be a good thing.



Here's some more Firekid pitch pack content. Maybe I'll ask Jeff if he wants to animate the run cycle. Busy Jeff? ;)


Big Apple Birds

Here's another Big City Cartoon . This here's a couple pages out of a 15-page pitch pack that we used for the one-sheet. I'll post more of the pack later.

Fightin' Fire

Thanks for all the feedback on this. I'll let you know what happens if anything. I'll post a couple pages from the book once it gets going. You ain't seen the last of this little dude!