Payin' the bills

Season 2 of Atomic Betty's wrapping up and I'm doing some Captain Flamingo title cards to stay busy. This one here is done up in Flash and Photoshop, based on a super tight, super wicked rough by Rob Davies. More to come.


Schmiddy said...

wow,that looks fan- f&*ckin tastic!

Anonymous said...

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ridd1 said...

screw off!

$900 bucks, huh?

Tyler said...

Super nice! Reminds me of old Skykid game for nintendo.

bgrauman said...

I've heard some very good things about "CAPTAIN FLAMINGO",Ridd, and I'm only sorry it isn't shown where I am. I've also heard it's been renewed for another season...which is good, considering I may get to actually SEE it one day!
If the show has the same zest and imagination , as in that one title card you flashed here, I'll be very happy!!!!

Cale Atkinson said...

Wow Ridd, I was just going to comment on the tasty title card but it looks like I also stumbled on a secret way to earn up $900 by having fun! ha ha the secret is all mine now!
oh ya and by the way rockin title card!

cutesypoo said...

Hey ridd!
Remember little ol'me?
i't jocelan!
hehee well
i like your blog!
it's pretty as a peach.

ps i got that stupid shopping thing
on my blog and have to keep deleting it!


ridd1 said...

hey jocelan, sure i remember you. thanks for the comment. i like your blog too!

Dan Yu said...

awesome title card Ridd!

paublo said...

nice one buddy!

Heath said...

Nice work Mr. Sorensen! I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

Samuel Hornsby said...

Love this

Would it be possible to buy a print?

I work for a company called Flamingo, we travel a lot, and this would be awesome for our office

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