The Making of a Cereal Box Part II

2. Build and Layout: Here I worked out the composition and started building. I changed Tommy's placement to sitting on the spoon instead of Gerome, and rescaled the character's size relation a little. I also built the old school Kellogg's box (with real reference), the spoon outline, and laid down some temporary text (the cereal name will probably change). Building over my sketches in Flash is my favorite part of the process because it gives me a chance to re-evaluate my drawing and push things a little more. Next up, colour!


REE said...

cool stuff! inspiring even. I wanna try some stuff in this style...it looks extremely fun!

the doodlers said...

We're really liking where you are going with this 'in process' idea. What a cool blog. We're going to put a link on ours to yours!

Clio said...

Looked fantastic at this stage too!