Two for One!

Here's a springboard setup from the "Big City Birds" pitchpack. In this episode, the birds visit some friends at the zoo and end up on the run from a crazy zookeeper who thinks they're exotic birds that flew their coop! Hilarity ensues when Finch and Maggie unknowingly hide out in the giant rattlesnake pit! Mucho props to my Big City pardner Jeff on this one for roughing out the killer rattler. Ain't it cool?
edit - tried somethin' else with the BG.


Serapio Calm said...

Very fun! Great work!

Cale Atkinson said...

Love the style! Great Job! As for those Cereal Boxes, lets just say I've spent way too much time staring at them! Look forward to see whats next!

Mukpuddy said...

Shit that rules!!! Love the design, especially the snake!!!

Mark McDonnell said...

Awesome work as usual man. Great stuff.


Jav said...

Yo Ridd!
Fun stuff!
Muchas thank yous for the comment.
I dropped by for a visit and realized you have my linked! WOW!
Thanks a ton!
I must return the favor!
FYI, I am trying to make something happen a few of those designs.
With the way I've been going however, it'll amount to nothing.

the doodlers said...

Yeah, the darker one is more dramatic, but I like the original lighter blue one better 'cause it seems to show off the birds better. That's just one opinion for ya!

martin wittig said...

Cool stuff ya got here!

Edweird Gray said...

VERY nice!

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