The Making of a Cereal Box Part III

3. Colour: Okay - I dropped in some colour and decided to change the box to a shade of blue so Tommy's firehat isn't lost (red on red). I also put the spoon from my Cowboy Crispies box in there (gotta love reuse). I'm having second thoughts about the composition though. Particularily the way Tommy is straddling the spoon. It's just not working for me. I'm going to have to try something else.
Next up in Part IV is my above Tommy revision, adding 'real life' cereal to the spoon (I hate that part), some more design elements to the characters and box, and finalizing the whole thing before 'aging' it a little. See you in a couple hours!

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Miah Alcorn said...

Lookin' great Ridd. I'm lovin' that old school goodness!